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Fiona Learns to Move Her Shoulders

A few weeks ago, I published a video where I taught a big mare named Fiona to lower her head on cue, using mostly a positive reinforcement method. I received great feedback on that video, so I decided to share another video with Fiona.  In this video, I work on teaching Fiona how to move

Haltering a Foal for the First Time

Today I have something a bit different for you, and for me too! Last week I had the opportunity to work with a 10 day old foal to halter him for the first time. I don’t do any breeding myself and rarely have the chance to play with or train a foal, so I had

Teach Your Horse “Head Down”

Having the ability to ask your horse to lower their head, and have them easily respond, will make many tasks easier and safer – whether it is to put on a halter or bridle, clip a bridlepath, or even medicate an ear or eye. Being willing to lower their head when asked is important for